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Big Toe Pain


Proper functioning of your big toe is essential just to stand and walk, making big toe problems particularly debilitating. Many factors can cause big toe pain and stiffness ranging from systemic disease to toe deformities and injuries.

Some common causes of big toe pain include the following:

  • Bunions— The bunion deformity is a hereditary bump that forms on the large joint of your big toe. Although it is a hereditary condition, it is often triggered and exacerbated by wearing tight-fitting shoes. The bone growth causes the big toe to press sideways into the other toes causing overlapping problems, blisters, and corns.
  • Gout—This condition often affects the big toe caused by the uric acid build up in the blood. When uric acid reaches a specific high concentration, it crystallizes out of the blood and into the joints of the extremities. Gout in the big toe can be so painful that just passing a sheet over the affected toe can cause severe pain. Eating a healthy diet low in purines will help decrease uric acid and prevent gout.
  • Arthritic conditions—Hallux rigidus means “stiff big toe” and is a common condition that may be the result of arthritis. Wearing properly fitted shoes with orthotic inserts can help treat arthritis pain and stiffness.

If you are experiencing big toe pain and stiffness, pain in your foot or heel, problems with your ankle, an injury, ingrown toenails, or any other issues with your feet, our experienced team of podiatrists is here to help!

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