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When to See Your Podiatrist


27 Jun When to See Your Podiatrist

While a podiatrist is trained to recognize and treat a number of foot-related issues, they can’t do so if they don’t see you. You don’t have to have a specific problem, ache or pain to make an appointment with your podiatrist. In fact, scheduling regular checkups keeps your feet, and you, in good health. It is one of the best ways to keep your feet healthy and you walking without pain or discomfort. 

What a Podiatrist Can Do For You

One thing a podiatrist can do is help you choose the right size and type of footwear for your feet, be it for sports, casual dress or everyday use. Having the correct fitting footwear is crucial to keeping your feet in good health. Not doing so can lead to all types of issues such as corns, calluses, hammertoes and worse. Better to start off on the ‘right foot’ when it comes to footwear and foot health.

Of course, seeing a podiatrist when you’re having a specific problem with your feet is important too. Anything that causes foot pain is a reason to see your podiatrist. While we often think we can fix our own medical problems, it’s best to see a trained specialist when it comes to our foot health. A podiatrist will complete a thorough examination and give you an accurate diagnosis for your condition. If you are a new patient or returning for further treatment, we look forward to seeing you.

If you have any concerns about your feet or would just like to stop in to ask questions about the many services we provide, make an appointment with Alta Ridge Foot Specialists at one of our three offices located at 105 Chestnut Street, Mars Hill or 440 Alta Pass Highway, Spruce Pine or 2211 NC Hwy 105 Boone, NC. We are a proud member of the Instride Foot and Ankle Partnership, a statewide partnership of doctors dedicated to providing State of the Art care to our patients. Dr. W. Aaron Broyles, Dr. Robert L. Van Brederode and Dr. Thomas Verla and their staff will be happy to see and treat you. Contact us today!