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Treat Your Feet

22 Aug Treat Your Feet

Our feet do so much for us, yet they’re often overlooked in our daily self-care. A lot of physical stress is put on our feet every day. That’s why this month, we want to encourage our patients to give their feet some extra TLC! August 17th was National “I Love My Feet” Day, and if you didn’t celebrate, we encourage you to follow our simple guide for easy foot care habits to say thank you to your feet!

DO: Give Yourself Daily Foot Massages

A nice, relaxing foot massage is the best gift for the end of a long day. Not only can it aid in making you feel at ease before bedtime, but it can significantly help relieve any foot pain you may have. Grab your scented lotion and begin massaging your feet, focusing on sore spots. Look into some reflexology tips and tricks to get even more benefits. If you have any cuts or conditions like Athlete’s foot, talk to your podiatrist before massaging your feet.

Don’t: Try DIY Treatments for Your Condition

Attempting to treat fungal infections or pick at blisters at home is more trouble than it’s worth. Not only can certain over-the-counter medications be harmful to you, but you could end up worsening your condition or creating more problems. Instead, save yourself the trouble and call your foot doctor.

DO: Elevate Your Feet to Prevent Swelling

This trick you can use even if you aren’t dealing with a foot condition that causes swelling! As we move throughout the day, our feet and toes naturally swell. The best way to improve blood flow and reduce pressure in our feet is to elevate our legs. At the end of the day, lay down somewhere comfy, place pillows underneath your legs and feet, and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

Don’t: Share Your Nail Tools with Others

One of the easiest ways to get a fungal infection? Sharing our nail tools with others! Keep your nail clippers and files to yourself, and never share. At your nail salon, ensure that they follow proper procedures for sanitizing their nail tools.

Here at Alta Ridge Foot Specialists, we care deeply about our patients. Dr. W. Aaron Broyles, Dr. Robert L. Van Brederode, Dr. Thomas Verla, and the rest of our staff at our Mars Hill, Spruce Pine, and Boone, NC, offices are here to help you with any of your foot concerns. To make an appointment, contact us at one of our three locations today.