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Show Your Feet Gratitude

21 Nov Show Your Feet Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope healthy feet are on the list of things you’re most grateful for this year. Our feet are two of the most overworked and underappreciated parts of our body. Change the script this November by giving your feet extra love and care! Keep reading to find out some of the best ways you can show your feet gratitude.

Wash Your Feet Every Day

This is the simplest way you can take care of your feet. Not only do our feet naturally pick up dust and dirt from the floor, but some of us also deal with frustratingly sweaty feet, too. Play it safe and wash your feet and ankles with lukewarm water, and mild soap, and gently dry after. Avoid using water that’s too hot or too cold, as it can damage your skin.


Wear Well-Fitting Shoes

Did you know the average person walks 2.5 miles per day? If you’re not wearing comfortable shoes, those steps might be harder to get through and cause unnecessary pain at the end of the day. Instead, be kind to your feet and get a comfy, supportive pair of everyday shoes. Ask your shoe salesperson to check the size of your feet, since our feet are constantly growing, and get to shopping!


Check Your Feet Daily

Minor cuts and blisters can easily turn serious without proper treatment. Even worse, they often go unnoticed when they’re on our feet. The best solution is to check your feet a few times a week for any unusual signs or symptoms. People with diabetes should pay special attention since nerve damage can prevent you from feeling the pain from any other foot conditions you’re developing.


Call Your Podiatrist

Most people wait until they’re experiencing pain or discomfort before they get in touch with a podiatrist. But the best way to prevent any conditions and keep your feet healthy is by having annual visits and creating a good relationship with your podiatrist before disaster strikes.

Here at Alta Ridge Foot Specialists, we care deeply about our patients. Dr. W. Aaron Broyles, Dr. Robert L. Van Brederode, Dr. Thomas Verla, and the rest of our staff at our Mars Hill, Spruce Pine, and Boone, NC, offices are here to help you with any of your foot concerns. To make an appointment, contact us at one of our three locations today.