Prepare for Winter Sports To Avoid Injury

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25 Nov Prepare for Winter Sports To Avoid Injury

If you can’t wait to head out to one of North Carolina’s many winter resorts for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, make sure you are prepared for your winter adventure.

It’s essential to be well prepared for winter sports. Not being ready physically or wearing poorly-fitting footgear can cause injuries from blisters to broken bones.

Tips To Prevent Winter Foot Injuries

• Dress for the weather. Layers work best to keep you warm and cozy. Don’t forget your goggles and warm and headgear.
• Go with a friend for company, inspiration and safety.
• Use the right footwear. Make sure it’s appropriate for your activity and that it fits well. The best sports shoes and boots will have lots of toe room, cushioning and ample ankle support and will be in good condition.
• Wear one or two layers of moisture-wicking socks. Acrylic or acrylic blends work best to keep feet dry.
• Don’t go all out on the first day – ease into it instead. Warm-up each time you go out and do some simple stretches to build flexibility and avoid injury. Cool down after your workout before heading inside for some hot chocolate.
• Keep ice skates snugly laced, but not too tightly. Skate fenders are great for protecting lace and ankle areas if you play ice hockey.
• Know the warning signs of frostbite and watch out for them, particularly in children. Head inside at the first indication of frostbite to warm your feet.

Best Treatments for Cold Weather Foot Problems

• Frostbite symptoms include numbness, burning, pain or a skin color change. Get out of the cold and warm your feet gradually in warm water. Avoid rubbing the skin. Seek medical help right away if you observe blisters or if the skin remains frozen and hard.
• Take care of blisters by covering with a loose bandage and changing shoes to avoid more pressure. Leave the skin covering the blister even if it pops to protect from infection.
• For an injury like a sprain or strain, use the RICE method of rest, ice, apply compression and elevate.
• Tight footgear like ice skates may cause a neuroma, a benign nerve growth between the toes. You will feel numbness, burning or tingling. Neuromas need professional treatment from a foot doctor.
• Too much pressure from a skate or ski boot can cause bleeding under the toenail.

If your pain persists or worsens, or if you feel concerned about any winter sports injury, please call us for an appointment. We are here to help!

We Can Help Diagnose and Treat Winter Sports Injuries

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