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Pause and Stretch Your Feet

26 Sep Pause and Stretch Your Feet

The doctors at Alta Ridge Foot Specialists want to take a moment to encourage their patients to step away from their computers and get moving. Working at your desk all day can leave your feet and legs achy, tired, and weak. Many people across America are still working remotely, and it can be easy to work without a break.  We have three quick, fun ways to get moving and improve foot flexibility.

Write the Alphabet

For help with ankle and big toe mobility, try this easy exercise. It can also relieve muscle and tendon tension from tight shoelaces and running shoes. For this one, you can stand or sit. Lift one foot a few inches up off the ground. Beginning with uppercase letters, use your big toe to write the alphabet in the air. Once you finish the alphabet, continue with lowercase letters. Repeat on the other foot.

Don’t Forget Your Toes

Before you start your workday, begin with flexing and pointing your toes. Sit on your floor or bed and flex your toes toward you. Hold the flex to feel the calf stretch. Then, stretch your toes away from your body. Alternate them in a back-and-forth motion; then, switch legs. After a night of rest, this is a great way to start your day.

You Don’t Need Fancy Equipment

Use familiar items in your home to stretch. For this exercise, grab a towel. While seated with your legs extended in front of you, place the towel around the toes of one foot. You are now able to hold the towel with both hands. Next, pull the towel toward you and hold this pose for 20 seconds. Release and repeat three times. Then, switch feet.

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