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Nail Problems

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31 May Nail Problems

At Alta Ridge Foot Specialists we are ready for any of your toenail issues whether it is a painful ingrown toenail, a thick, abnormally colored nail, a nail injury, or even toenails that just need trimming. Although a toenail is a small thing, it can cause a lot of pain!

Ingrown toenails should be treated promptly by a doctor. Often trying to “fix it yourself” or putting off treatment can lead to infection. In most cases, a very simple procedure can be performed in the office under local anesthesia to remove the portion of nail causing the problem. Post-procedure aftercare is easy and return to activity is generally quick.

Thick, discolored toenails are often caused by a fungus that penetrates the nail. This can occur after your shoe has been rubbing on the nail, or if you have had your nails clipped with an unclean nail clipper. Simple diagnostic tests can be done on a clipping of nail to determine if fungus is present. If fungus is present, an appropriate treatment course will be started which may include oral or topical medication, or even trimming the nail depending on the patient’s needs and health status.

Toenail injuries are common especially at work, in hikers, and with sports that require lots of stopping and starting (like tennis and basketball). Often, one will notice pain and swelling around the base of the toenail, as well as fluid collection and a black and blue appearance under the nail. This condition should be treated promptly to help prevent infection.