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Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

dr van brederode performing laser treatment

19 Jun Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Fungus invades our toenails as microtrauma from shoes damages the toenails. Fungus is common throughout our environment, but especially in damp places like our shoes and showers. Some systemic conditions that reduce our immune system’s function can also predispose us to toenail fungus.

A variety of treatments exist for toenail fungus including: toenail removal, topical medications, oral medications, and laser therapy. The most effective treatment is oral therapy, which is successful 50-70% of the time, but it carries with it a 3.3% chance of abnormal liver enzyme levels, a possible warning sign of liver damage. (Statistic provided from oral Lamisil’s FDA-approved prescribing information)
Our laser treatment is not FDA-approved, but has been effective in improving the appearance of the toenails. Laser treatment of nail fungus is a relatively new treatment, and as such, no long-term scientific research is available to judge its success yet. Most individuals have been pleased with the results of laser therapy on toenails, but our doctors can offer no guarantee of results with the laser therapy, as with any treatment for nail fungus including nail removal, topical, and oral treatments.

Our laser therapy is done with a state-of-the-art 1064 nm ND:Yag laser. The treatment is done as the laser is applied to each affected toenail. Treatment is basically painless, although you may feel a “prickly” feeling as the laser is applied to the toenail. No anesthesia is required and you may immediately return to work and activity. The initial treatment is followed up with one additional re-treatment approximately 1 month later.
The laser works to attempt to kill the fungus and try to prevent its further growth. As the nail grows, you may gradually see new healthy nail growth. This process can take 6-12 months.

After the first laser application you will need to spray out your shoes daily with Lysol disinfectant spray to minimize fungus build-up in your shoes. You should also clean your shower/bath regularly with Tilex to kill fungus there. You should avoid going barefoot, keep your feet clean and dry and change socks daily. You will also apply topical anti-fungal solution or anti-fungal nail polish regularly after the treatment.
As this is a cosmetic treatment, it is not paid for by health insurance. We accept cash/credit card/check/HSA cards for payment prior to treatment.

The non-refundable cost for therapy includes the initial treatment and the one month laser re-treatment.The price is: $100 per toe up to $500 total.  1-4 toes $100 each 5-10 toes $500 total.

If additional laser treatment is necessary months in the future, the charge for one additional re-treatment is: $100 for up to 2 toenails OR $200 for 3-10 toenails