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12 Jun InStride Partnership

What does it mean that we are an InStride Foot and Ankle Specialists Partner?

The physicians of Alta Ridge Foot Specialists joined with over 60 foot and ankle specialists across the state of North Carolina, and the larger group is called InStride Foot and Ankle Specialists.  This statewide group of doctors specializing in the care of the foot and ankle have the common goal of providing state-of -the-art foot and ankle care.  They have set themselves apart by requiring higher standards to be a member.  Such standards include board certification, achieving yearly twice the amount of continuing medical education than the state requires, abiding as a group by evidence- based treatment protocols which help the patient recover well, among many other standards.

Although we are part of this statewide group, our physicians live locally and are part of the communities we serve.  We provide thorough and compassionate care to our neighbors of the Blue Ridge Mountains.