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Heart Disease and Your Feet


21 Feb Heart Disease and Your Feet

Did you know the leading cause of death in America, regardless of gender, age, and ethnicity, is heart disease? Over 600,000 Americans suffer from it each year. February is American Heart Month and because of the ongoing concern for heart health, we want to raise awareness. Recognizing and paying attention to early signs of heart failure can mean life or death. Did you know that your feet often tell you when something is wrong with your heart?

The Connection Between Your Heart and Feet

Are your legs and feet in pain when you walk? For some, it might be the side effects of a strenuous workout or too-tight shoes, but for others, it could be the early signs of peripheral artery disease. When your arteries narrow due to plaque buildup, it makes it more difficult for your lower extremities to get sufficient amounts of oxygen. This triggers peripheral artery disease, or PAD.

With PAD, it’s common for your legs to start hurting, especially when active. Not all foot pain means you have heart disease, however, if you find your pain starts when you move and slows when you rest, it’s important to get a checkup. Other signs of PAD include leg cramps, hair loss, numbness, coldness, and skin discoloration.

Treating PAD

Finding out that you have heart disease isn’t great news. However, there are luckily more and more treatment options available for you, so you can get back to enjoying a healthy, active life while keeping your condition under control. Below are some of the top recommendations for managing and treating heart disease:

  • Increasing exercise
  • Quit smoking.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Maintain a balanced weight.
  • Cut down on alcohol.
  • Look after your mental wellbeing.
  • Taking medications to lessen side effects.
  • Surgery, in more serious cases

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