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31 May Hammertoes

Hammertoes are often noticed as one develops corns and calluses on their toes. The corn/callus is actually caused by an underlying joint contracture of the toe. This contracture of the toe joint causes the corn/callus and becomes painful as shoes rub on the area. Abnormal mechanical foot function, arthritis, and trauma can cause hammertoes.

Initial treatment will involve foot examination and x-rays to assess the deformity. Often, trimming the associated corn/callus, changing shoe gear, and use of padded toe splints can reduce the symptoms. In some cases, anti-inflammatory medicines and cortisone injections may be used to reduce pain.

If pain persists despite non-surgical treatment, then surgery is utilized to treat the painful joint contracture. This surgery is an out-patient procedure done at the hospital. Follow-up visits and x-rays will be done in the office to help you heal properly.