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Foot Exercises for Fall Prevention Month

20 Sep Foot Exercises for Fall Prevention Month

September is National Fall Prevention Month. Almost half of all older Americans will take a nasty fall this year. Falls account for over 40% of all nursing home admissions, and it’s a leading cause of death due to injury for those over 65. Now is an excellent time to take a look at some exercises that can improve the health of your feet and reduce the risk of you having a fall.

Anyone can have a bad fall, and the best thing is to take some preventative measures. Always ask your podiatrist before committing to any exercise. Here are some simple exercises that can improve balance and increase your strength:

  • Leg lifts. For this, you need to hold onto a chair for support while lifting one leg off the ground. Hold it in the air for 10 seconds and then slowly lower it to the ground. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Heel-to-toe walk. Slowly walk forward, placing the heel of your foot directly in front of the other. Repeat for 20-30 steps.
  • Heel Lifts. Start by standing with both feet firmly on the ground. Raise your heels until you are standing on your tiptoes. Hold for a second and then slowly go back down. Repeat 20 times.
  • Sit to stand. First, sit in a sturdy chair with both feet flat on the ground. Using only your legs, slowly rise until standing, pause a moment, and then slowly sit back down. Try with a straight back.
  • Wall Push-ups. Standing up, place your hands on a wall at chest height with your fingers pointing up. Slowly bend your elbows as you lean into the wall, and then gently push your body back until you are standing straight again. Try 10 times.

Of course, if you are experiencing any problems or discomfort, it’s best to contact an experienced specialist.

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