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Don’t Leave Ankle Injuries Untreated!


27 Dec Don’t Leave Ankle Injuries Untreated!

As with any health condition, leaving an ankle injury untreated can mean trouble down the line. Leaving ankle issues unresolved creates more damage over time. Going to your podiatrist as soon as possible means less pain and an easier time with treatment! At Alta Ridge Foot Specialists, we encourage all our patients to stay educated on the foot and ankle problems they may run into. Keep reading to read a little bit about what can happen if you leave an ankle injury untreated!

What Is Considered an Ankle Injury?

Besides ligaments and tendons, three bones make up the majority of your ankle – the fibula, talus, and tibia. When you displace any part of your ankle, you end up with some sort of injury. You can injure yourself doing just about anything, from playing a sport to running to even standing. Most injuries occur when you twist or roll your ankle. Ankle injuries fall into three major categories:

  • Strain, the result of a torn or overstretched tendon or muscle, is usually the least severe of the three
  • Sprain, which happens when you injure a ligament in your ankle, leading to swelling and pain
  • Fracture or complete break varies in severity, but usually requires more long-term treatment to fully heal the break

What Happens If It’s Left Untreated?

If you injure your ankle and at-home treatments don’t work within a few days, it’s crucial that you get in touch with a podiatrist for help. Leaving an ankle injury without treatment can result in the following:

  • Risk of future sprains, strains, and fractures
  • Lowered ability to walk and stand
  • Chronically unstable ankle joint
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative changes in your ankle joint
  • Infections
  • Foot deformities

The above risks require longer, more aggressive treatment, but are easily avoidable if you bite the bullet and seek help when you first notice pain and discomfort! Give your podiatrist a call and ask them about scheduling an appointment! Here at Alta Ridge Foot Specialists, we care deeply about our patients. Dr. W. Aaron Broyles, Dr. Robert L. Van Brederode, Dr. Thomas Verla, and the rest of our staff at our Mars Hill, Spruce Pine, and Boone, NC, offices are here to help you with any of your foot concerns. To make an appointment, contact us at one of our three locations today.