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Don’t Ignore the Ouch! Unpleasant Consequences and Untreated Toenails

26 Feb Don’t Ignore the Ouch! Unpleasant Consequences and Untreated Toenails

Ingrown toenails are more than just a mere annoyance. Left untreated, they can snowball into serious complications impacting your health and well-being. It’s always a shame to see minor aches and pains spiral into major complications, especially when the issue could have been prevented altogether.

At Alta Ridge Foot Specialists, we’ve decided to step in and take a stand against all the nasty infections this untreated problem can cause.

Read on to learn why prompt podiatric intervention is crucial for this underrated ailment:

  1. Infection Issues: The warm, moist environment created by an ingrown toenail is conducive to bacteria that lead to localized infections, causing redness, swelling, pus, and throbbing pain. Untreated, an infection can even spread to the bone, potentially requiring antibiotic treatment or surgery.
  2. Painful Progression: Ignoring the initial discomfort won’t make it magically disappear. In fact, the pressure of the nail digging in will only intensify your pain, making walking, standing, and even wearing shoes unpleasant.
  3. Tissue Damage: As infections progress, they can damage surrounding tissues, including the skin, bone, and nerves. This can cause permanent scarring, nerve damage, numbness or tingling, and even bone deformities.
  4. Diabetic Dilemmas: For individuals with diabetes, ingrown toenails pose a higher risk. Poor circulation and nerve damage can mask the problem, leading to delayed diagnosis and potential complications like diabetic foot ulcers.
  5. Social Stigma: Let’s face it: An infected, neglected toe isn’t a pretty sight. The associated odor and visible inflammation can cause embarrassment and social awkwardness.

Primary Care? Try a DPM Instead

Primary care doctors often refer ingrown toenails to a podiatrist. They know a DPM can:

  • Provide painless removal of the ingrown portion.
  • Offer preventive measures to prevent future occurrences.
  • Offer advanced care or minor surgery in complex cases.

Don’t let an ingrown toenail become a ticking time bomb for your health and well-being. Seek professional help at the first sign of trouble instead!

At Alta Ridge Foot Specialists, Dr. W. Aaron BroylesDr. Robert L. Van BrederodeDr. Thomas Verla, and the rest of our staff at our Mars Hill, Spruce Pine, and Boone, NC, offices are here to help with any of your foot concerns. Contact us at one of our three locations today to make an appointment.