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Do You Have Fungal Toenails?

03 Aug Do You Have Fungal Toenails?

Toenail fungus can range from mild to severe depending on how long the condition has been going on and what you’ve been doing to treat it. Often, you can successfully get rid of toenail fungus with over-the-counter remedies, but it’s highly recommended to call your podiatrist for treatment, regardless. It’s common for toenail fungus to come back with a vengeance. How can you tell if you have toenail fungus or something else?

Early Signs and Symptoms

  • White lines or spots appear on the toenail.
  • Your toenails may become slightly thicker and more brittle.
  • The tops of your toenails can become softer and have a powdery feeling.

A mild toenail fungus can often be treated by liberally applying tea tree oil, a natural fungicide. If the fungal toenail infection progresses, the symptoms will worsen, and you’ll need more aggressive treatment.

Advanced Signs and Symptoms

  • More severe discoloration of brown, gray, and yellow.
  • The toenail lifts away from the nail bed.
  • Pronounced ridges are evident on the toenail surface.
  • Extreme thickening of the nail will occur.
  • The skin around the nail will become more scaly and powdery.
  • The fungi emit a terrible odor.
  • You experience pain in your toenails from wearing shoes, walking, or standing.

People with systemic illnesses such as diabetes, a compromised immune system, nerve damage, and poor blood circulation have an increased risk of developing fungal toenail infections.

Think you have toenail fungus? Give us a call ASAP! We offer laser treatment for fungal infections.

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