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28 Aug What is an Orthotic?

One of the ways a podiatrist can treat a foot problem is with something called an orthotic. What is an orthotic? An orthotic is a specific type of foot insert that helps correct the conditions your feet suffer from. Not all conditions can be treated...

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27 Jun When to See Your Podiatrist

While a podiatrist is trained to recognize and treat a number of foot-related issues, they can’t do so if they don’t see you. You don’t have to have a specific problem, ache or pain to make an appointment with your podiatrist. In fact, scheduling regular...

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12 Jun InStride Partnership

What does it mean that we are an InStride Foot and Ankle Specialists Partner? The physicians of Alta Ridge Foot Specialists joined with over 60 foot and ankle specialists across the state of North Carolina, and the larger group is called InStride Foot and Ankle Specialists. ...

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