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Ankle Specialists

22 Dec Ankle Specialists

The ankle is susceptible to pain due to injury or disease, because of its weight bearing function.  Ankle injuries can occur due to trauma such as auto accidents, during sporting activities or during simple daily activities. If the ankle bones twist or receive too much force, the ligaments surrounding the outside of the bones may suffer from over-stretching or tearing, resulting in a painful ankle sprain. When it comes to ankle sprains there are different levels of severity. Disorders, ankle diseases and malformations vary widely from mild discomfort to debilitating pain.  If the ankle sprain is not properly diagnosed and treated, it can cause permanent, lasting ankle trouble.  Your physician should check any injured ankle.  We believe that early diagnosis, prompt intervention and prevention are essential for the care and treatment of your ankle.

Ankle sprain injuries can be prevented by wearing properly fitting, supportive footwear and sneakers while playing sports and during exercise, protecting weak ankles and re-injuries with ankle braces and custom orthotics, and keeping the ankle muscles strong and flexible with regular exercising and stretching.  Some children may be predisposed to injuries.  Prior to participating in sports poorly aligned extremities, (for example bowlegs, extremely high-arched feet, flat feet, knock-knees, in-toe or out-toe) should be evaluated so that a child is not put at risk.