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All About Orthotics – Call 828-766-7667

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19 Dec
All About Orthotics – Call 828-766-7667

“Orthotics” – it’s a scientific-sounding term for a fairly simple podiatry tool. The word orthotic comes from the Greek and means to straighten or align. So orthotics are shoe inserts that can give your feet support and comfort and also help relieve fatigue.

But while orthotics are shoe inserts, they are not the same as the generic inserts available at stores. Podiatrist-prescribed orthotics are custom-fitted specifically for each patient and designed to treat that person’s individual needs. Store-bought inserts may relieve discomfort temporarily, but cannot treat any chronic foot problems or biomechanical concerns.

Orthotics play a special part in sports medicine too. They can help improve performance because they help stabilize your joints and can minimize soft tissue vibrations.

Orthotics – Solutions for Many Types of Foot Problems

There are two kinds of orthotics: Accommodative orthotics relieve pain with their extra support and cushioning. Functional orthotics can address faulty biomechanics that can cause foot and ankle motion problems.

We prescribe orthotics to relieve many different foot issues including:

Orthotics are not just for adults. Children’s foot abnormalities, such as flat feet and in-toeing, can be helped with custom-fitted orthotics.

Producing orthotics is easy. Once we diagnose your specific foot issue, we take a mold of your foot right in our office. Orthotics are made of durable materials that, with proper care, will last for years.

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