Hammertoes get their name due to the often-severe bending in the affected toes at the middle or end joints. While developing hammertoes can be linked to genetics, wearing tight-fitting shoes can exacerbate the problem. People who have untreated flat feet are also more likely to develop hammertoes. Fortunately, you can treat the early stages of hammertoes with a variety of non-invasive methods.

6 treatments for annoying hammertoes include the following:

  1. Toe splints or straps—These are used to realign the toes and force them into the correct position. They can be worn while sleeping and will have a profound straightening effect over time.
  2. Custom orthotic shoe inserts—Custom orthotic inserts, including metatarsal lifts, are used to correct the imbalance between the muscle and tendons that contributes to the toe bending.
  3. Cushioning and isolating moleskin pads—Pads can help prevent rubbing and blisters and are also excellent for isolating painful corns that often grow on top of hammertoes.
  4. Medication—Ibuprofen or other OTC pain relievers will help reduce swelling and discomfort.
  5. Physical therapy—A variety of strengthening and flexibility exercises will help straighten the toes.
  6. Surgery—If the non-invasive treatments don’t provide relief, the doctor may suggest surgery to realign the tendons and straighten the toes.

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