5 Benefits of Orthotic Shoe Inserts

custom orthotic inserts

28 Oct 5 Benefits of Orthotic Shoe Inserts

A great way to avoid injuries and treat and prevent many foot and ankle problems is by wearing custom-fitted orthotic shoe inserts. Your foot doctor can perform a computerized gait analysis to determine your foot type and how orthotics can help. In fact, correcting foot problems with orthotics also aligns your spine and prevents knee, hip, and back problems as well.

5 of the benefits of using custom orthotics include the following:

  1. Redistribute stress and pressure to relieve pain and discomfort—The cushioning and pressure redistribution provided by custom orthotics can provide relief for many ailments ranging from skin conditions like plantar warts, corns and calluses, to foot and ankle injuries.
  2. Arch support—Custom orthotic shoe inserts treat flat feet and correct overpronation and other arch-related problems.
  3. Helps prevent debilitating falls in the elderly— Orthotics and custom braces increase ankle stability and overall balance, which helps prevent damaging falls.
  4. Treat wounds and infections—Diabetic peripheral neuropathy can contribute to the development of foot ulcers. Custom orthotics can relieve pressure on wounds so they can heal.
  5. Avoid future surgery—Custom orthotics treat and prevent many foot problems without the need for surgery.

For expert help getting fitted correctly for custom orthotics, be sure to see your podiatrist.

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