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3 Ways Custom Orthotics Can Help Your Feet Feel Good Again

23 Apr 3 Ways Custom Orthotics Can Help Your Feet Feel Good Again

Our feet work hard to get us from A to B, bearing our weight all the while. It’s no wonder, then, that they’re vulnerable to all kinds of injuries and malfunctions, most of which have far-reaching effects. Worse, issues with balance, posture, and stability translate into aches and pains that migrate from your feet and ankles to afflict your knees, hips, and back.

Problems are often best solved from the ground up, and no treatment method makes that clearer than custom orthotic inserts! These tailor-made tools match your unique foot structure to boost biomechanics and ease pain. For this blog, Alta Ridge Foot Specialists have decided to break down the ins and outs of how orthotics work, then segue into why they solve a few of podiatry’s most painful complications.

3 Pain Points Orthotics Help You Step Past

Here are just a few concerns that custom orthotics can address:

Plantar Fasciitis:


Diabetic Foot Care:

Finding Relief with Custom Orthotics

If you’re experiencing foot pain and suspect it might be related to one of these conditions, consulting a podiatrist is a great first step!

At Alta Ridge Foot Specialists, Dr. W. Aaron BroylesDr. Robert L. Van BrederodeDr. Thomas Verla, and the rest of our staff at our Mars Hill, Spruce Pine, and Boone, NC, offices are here to help with any of your foot concerns. Contact us at one of our three locations today to make an appointment.