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3 Common Foot Problems for Children


24 Oct 3 Common Foot Problems for Children

Did you know most of the foot ailments we face today started when we were kids? Taking care of our feet from a young age is important, as it sets us up for long-term health and comfort. Not only are kids super active, but they grow at a rapid rate. This puts their feet in a vulnerable position. Take extra care of your child’s feet this fall by learning about the most common problems they could run into and how to avoid them.

One: Ankle Sprains

If you have an active kid who participates in sports, ankle sprains are no stranger to you. Ankle sprains are very common in children. Some have recurring sprains, either from repeated injury or an inability to heal the original sprain correctly. This can lead to ligament scarring and other complications. The easiest way to heal and overcome an ankle sprain is by following RICE – rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Naturally, your child’s ankle will heal with time.

Two: Heel Pain

A common condition for kids is Sever’s disease. Despite the name, Sever’s disease isn’t actually a disease. It happens when children grow, as the Achilles tendon changes from cartilage to bone. Heel pain can begin from plenty of things – sports, weight gain, and growing bones. Make sure your child rests their feet and their pain should resolve with time.

Three: Fungal Infections

It’s no wonder fungal infections are super common in kids – there are many ways they can develop an infection. Nail fungus is easy to catch from public showers, public swimming pools, changing rooms, and gyms. Kids also go through plenty of hormonal changes, leading to more sweat. Fungus loves to grow in dark, damp environments. Athlete’s foot is common during their teenage years for this reason. To avoid an infection, ensure that your kid takes proper precautions, like wearing shower shoes and changing socks daily.

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