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10 TIPS for Choosing the Right Summer Shoes

23 May 10 TIPS for Choosing the Right Summer Shoes

Summer’s almost here! Most of us have plans to travel, exercise, adventure, and enjoy time outside in the sun. But with those fun plans come new and extra stress on our feet and footwear. Before you inspect your favorite seasonal shoes for wear and tear or purchase new ones, consider these 10 shoe-shopping tips to help you pick the right pair this summer.

Your Guide to Selecting Summer Shoes

1. Try to go shoe shopping at the end of the day. Your feet will be swollen and larger from a day’s worth of activity, giving you a more natural fit.
2. Did you know most people have feet that are slightly different sizes? Because of this, make sure both feet are measured, and try on both shoes to ensure a great fit.
3. Buying closed-toed shoes? Bring along your usual or favorite pair of socks!
4. Your toes should have enough wiggle room to move around without restriction. Go for shoes with a larger toe box.
5. The heel of the shoe should fit snugly. The right pair won’t slip off your heel when walking and won’t scrape your skin, either.
6. Walk around the store a few times to ensure the shoes fit properly when in motion. Check your foot after for any redness that could indicate rubbing or pressure.
7. If you’re buying athletic or sports sneakers, make sure you’re purchasing the correct type of shoe for your activity or preference.
8. Your sneakers should provide support, shock absorption, traction, and protection to keep your feet free from injury and stress while on the go.
9. Athletic shoes must be replaced more often than your regular daily sneakers. Don’t be afraid to toss them and replace them!
10. Sandals and summer shoes may be trendy and help to air out sweaty feet, but they don’t always provide enough support and protection. Instead, go for a breathable close-toed shoe.

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